Integrate your assessment tool with Workable

Assessment tests save time by checking the most promising candidates have the skills to do the job. Offer your services to Workable customers for a more robust end-to-end hiring process.

Hiring teams use Workable to track and manage candidates through the hiring pipeline. The most common pipelines contain the following stages; sourced, applied, phone screen, interview, offer, hired.

Αssessment for Workable

Before candidates reach the interview stage, many hiring teams will send an assessment. This helps to screen out candidates who don’t have the skills, and progress only the most viable to interview.

Our integrations with external assessment providers allow Workable users to set up effective assessments quickly, as part of their structured hiring routine.

How customers integrate Workable with their external assessment tools

It’s easy for Workable account admins to activate an integration. All Developer Partner integrations are listed by type, inside the product. Existing users of both our services follow simple on-screen instructions. Those who have yet to select an assessment provider will see your logo, a brief description of the product and a link to your site to find out more.

Sending an assessment using Workable

Αssessment for Workable

Following a successful integration, it’s a simple step for a Workable account admin or hiring manager to specify an assessment test when they set up a job:

  • Select the correct stage in the pipeline
  • Choose the provider (and where required, the specific test)
  • Save changes

Αssessment for Workable

Now when candidates reach the designated step in the pipeline, sending the assessment is done at the click of a button, without ever leaving the Workable platform. A streamlined process, using your assessment tool becomes part of the standard route to hire:

Αssessment for Workable

When the results are returned, they’re presented on the candidate’s timeline inside Workable. Workable users will also see the option to download a full report or view the results externally, on the Development Partner’s own site.

Workable API

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