Integrate your sourcing tool with Workable

Without great candidates in the pipeline it’s impossible to make a great hire. Integrate your sourcing tool with Workable to ensure your customers continue their hiring process in the right way.

Users begin their hiring journey inside Workable by evaluating a selection of prospects and candidates. These could be sourced by an internal or external recruiter, or automatically gathered from our job board partners following an application.

If a prospect has been sourced by a recruiter, there are two different ways that they can arrive in Workable. The recruiter could:

  • 1. upload a resume previously saved on their desktop
  • 2. import a profile directly from an external sourcing tool
  • Sourcing for Workable
  • Sourcing for Workable

Importing a profile into Workable

By integrating your sourcing tool with Workable, you’ll enable customers to add prospects directly to the ‘sourced’ stage of their hiring pipeline.

For example, this is a profile sourced using the People Search tool. An integration with Workable allows the user to select the job that they’re currently recruiting for and add the prospect straight into the sourced stage for that job in Workable:

Sourcing for Workable

From here the prospect will be evaluated by the team, and if successful, continue through the additional pipeline stages.

How customers integrate Workable with their external sourcing tools

It’s easy for Workable account admins to activate an integration. All Developer Partner integrations are listed by type, inside the product. Existing users of both our services follow simple on-screen instructions. Those who have yet to select a sourcing tool will see your logo, a brief description of the product and a link to your site to find out more.

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